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30027-1 Reindeer
30027-1 Reindeer
30024-1 Truck
30025-1 Clown Fish
30021-1 Parrot
4434-1 Tipper Truck

About: Brickfans

Hi, my name is Eric, I am from the Netherlands, I was born in 1974.
From the moment I first encountered LEGO I was amazed by all the things I was able to create with this wonderful toy. Then in my teenage years I started doing different things :-). Right now I have two children who also love to play with LEGO. Through the years LEGO has made a tremendous increase in possibilities. The number of different parts has increased heavily which makes it possible to create very detailed buildings and other things.

My favourite LEGO theme is the modular buildings. One day (When I find the time) I will start to make my own modular building creations. For now one of my hobbies is to create some digital images and try to make them as real as possible.

The software I use is the following :

- Leocad : To export the seperate parts to *.obj files
- Blender : To convert the *.obj files to *.stl and also to create Images and movies
- HiCAD : To easily build my models with a piece of software I created myself. In HiCAD the parts are drawn.
My piece of software can change the level of detail to match the one needed for my digital project
- Unity : To create games
- Gimp : To convert digital images
- Inkscape : To create vectorised textures which can be used in blender
- Notepad++ : To create this website.
All of the above mentioned software is free to use except for HiCAD. I can use HiCAD because I work for the software developer which developes this wonderful CAD program.

Pictures: Collection Of My Rendered Pictures

Here you can download a background or picture if you like to have it. The resolution of all pictures is Full HD (1920x1080). They can be saved by right clicking on a thumbnail and then choose save as.

C00001-1moc Piano (Masao Hidaka)
4434-1Tipper Truck
30025-1Clown Fish

Movies: Adventures in Lego World

Cafe Corner Walk

Cafe Corner Walk 2

3D Building Instructions

On this page I publish all my 3D models created as 3D pdf so you can use them as 3D building instructions. On some computers it's possible to view the 3D pdfs directly on the computer, while on others you need to save the files first. After saved on your local hard drive it's easy to view them using the newest version of adobe reader.

If you are interested in these 3D models in any other format, please let me know using the contact page. I can provide a lot of different formats like *.STP or *.VRML

30025-1 Truck
30025-1Clown Fish
30025-1 Clown Fish